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Nice Tú Meet You focuses on Latinx cultures from Central America and the Caribbean through the regions’ music and stories. Four fictional teen narrators tell their families' histories and how it connects to their current lives in America. Students will use intuitive technology to discover real-world stories about the connection between bananas and the Panama Canal, the history of corn in Mesoamerica, the blending of religions in the Caribbean, and the significance of Bomba music in Puerto Rico. The Traveling Trunk lending program is an education resource designed to connect people across cultures and communities. Packaged as an immersive experience, the Traveling Trunk provides access to free, tactile, multimedia and multi-lingual content to a diverse audience.

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Recommended Grade Levels: 6-8

Note: This trunk relies on the users being able to scan QR codes and watch videos on Vimeo. Your group will need a wifi-enabled device to operate this trunk.