Traveling Trunks is a new resource-lending program of the Smithsonian Libraries. These multimedia library kits are packed full of resources from across the Smithsonian Institution that deliver immersive experiences. Through touch, tech, sound, and sight, Traveling Trunks creates a screen-free sensorial rich environment. In the current trunk, students will hear fictional stories based on Latin American families in the US while exploring their own connection to these times and places. Learners will gain a greater understanding of Latin American culture, religion, economy, and relationship to the United States. The trunk is designed to activate a learner's sense of curiousity and power to change the world around them. The program is a free resource for young learners and their educators, and Traveling Trunks can be sent to libraries, schools, community centers, and other learning sites for a month-long lending period, with the option to renew. All costs, including shipping costs are covered; we just ask that users have access to a FedEx office.



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